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Rexel Mercury Shredders

The New Mercury Series Shredders from Acco Rexel now come with patented AntiJam Technology.

Inserting too much paper into a shredder can cause it to jam. Jamming a shredder is very frustrating. One of the only ways to clear a paper jam in the past was to repeatedly switch the shredder between forward and reverse. This not only shortens the usable life of the shredder but bits of shredded paper can scatter all over the floor creating a mess. In the busy office environment business people don’t have time to clear up shredder mess.

Sometimes jams can’t always be cleared easily and can need the intervention of an engineer. But the revolutionary new Mercury Technology from Acco Rexel stops all that.The Rexel Mercury Shredder's mouth illuminates to warn when there is too much paper inserted. You simply remove sheets to continue shredding.

Mercury Shredder

No time wasted, no mess made. The mercury shredder range has a low noise induction motor for super quiet running. All of the Acco Rexel Mercury Shredders are able to shred paper, staples, CDs and Credit cards and come with a 2 year warranty period

The mercury desk side shredder has a compact anti-jam design for use in a small to medium sized office. Shredders in this class are the RSS 1830 and 2230 and the RSX1530.

The Acco Rexel RSS 1830 Mercury Shredder strip cuts or ribbon cuts up to 18 sheets at a time into thin 4mm strips (security level 2 shredder).
Rexel’s RSS 2230 Mercury Shredder shreds paper into 6mm pieces and can handle a higher number of sheets, up to 22 pages.
Acco Rexel RSX1530 Mercury Paper Shredder is a security level 3 cross cut version with a shred capacity of 14-15 sheets.The mercury departmental anti-jam range can shred and store large volumes of paper for convenient shared use in a busy office.

The Rexel RDS 2050 Mercury Shredder comes with a larger bin than the desk side model, (50 litres). If you want an even larger waste storage area then the Acco Rexel RDS 2270 with its 70l easy to remove bin is the next model up. Both these shredders are strip cut security level 2 shredderls.For the crosscut version and a more secure shred then the Acco Rexel RDX 1750 (50l bin)or the larger Acco Rexel RDX 1970 Mercury Shredder (70l bin) are the logical choices.

Rexel Mercury Shredder