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Acco Rexel Small Office Shredders

Acco Rexel Shredders for the small office are designed to be easy to use and can cope with larger volumes of paper. Whether you need a shredder for the small but busy office with large bins that don’t require frequent emptying or a shredder that is simple and quick to use , or one that can shred CDs too, Acco Rexel has a shredder to suit your small office needs.

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Acco Rexel V120 Shredder

The Shredmaster V120 Shredder has a large 35 litre bin able to hold 230 shredded sheets of paper. This security level 2 shredder strip cuts up to 13 sheets of paper per pass and can easily handle staples and paper clips. The V120 is ideal for businesses that want to shred longer without the hassle of regular emptying. It also comes in a more secure cross cut version call the Acco Rexel V125 Shredder.

The V125 shredder shreds paper into small confetti cut pieces for extra security (S3) and can handle 8 sheets at a time and is the perfect addition to the security conscious office. Because the Acco Rexel V120 is a cross cut shredder the bin is able to hold more waste, up to 250 shredded sheets of paper.

Acco Rexel P180 Shredder

If you want a shredder that is quick and simple to use, and one that makes emptying even easier, then the Acco Rexel P180 Shredder with its pull-out bin with viewing window is ideal for busy offices. Able to strip cut up to 18 sheets at a time, handle staples and paper clips, and hold up to 410 sheets of shredded waste, the P180 is great for everyday security and medium shared use.

It comes in a more secure cross cut version: The Acco Rexel P185 Shredder. The higher security level (S3) helps protect your business information from falling into the wrong hands. The P185 crosscuts up to 11 sheets per pass into small 4 x 40mm confetti like pieces and can hold more waste than the P180 strip cut version, up to 430 A4 sheets.

If you would like the added feature of shredding CDs too, then the Acco Rexel P180CD Shredder not only shreds paper into thin ribbon strips but can also shred CDs to protect all types of sensitive business information. The Acco Rexel P180CD CD shredder reduces up to 22 sheets of paper at a time into thin 5.8mm strips, ideal for everyday security.