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Acco Rexel Deskside Shredders


Deskside shredders as their name suggests are designed to fit neatly alongside a small work station or desk where they are needed for light duty personal use (typically 10 - 20 shredding passes per day).Deskside paper shredders are designed for personal use. They come in strip cut and cross cut models and have feed capacities up to 20 sheets. Deskside shredders are designed for shredding up to 100 sheets of paper per day and are ideal for use in the home or small office and for the shredding of sensitive items like credit card receipts, banking information and other documents. supplies a wide selection of Acco Rexel Deskside Shredders starting off at as little as £55.

Acco Rexel Deskside Shredders

Acco Rexel V30 : Security Level 2 , shreds up to 8 sheets at a time and has an 18 liter bin

Acco Rexel V60: Also a Level 2 shredder with up to 11 sheets and a 23l bin.

Acco Rexel V120: Even more powerful machine, stylishly designed like the V60 and V30.

Acco Rexel P180/4:This high capacity deskside personal straight cut shredder is perfect for everyday use. The P180/4 handles up to 20 sheets at time, and its large 35l bin means less emptying. The Acco Rexel P180/6 has the added advantage of being a CD shredder as well. Usually this shredder retails at £325. But you can pay £186 less if you order online or call ABT.

The well designed and sleek Acco Rexel RSS 1830 and Acco Rexel RSS 2230 fit in perfectly under or on top of a desk.Both these shredders have the ability to shred not only paper but paper clips, staples , CDs and Credit Cards. These deskside shredders are possibly the models with the highest specs from Acco Rexel before you move into small office paper shredders.

All Acco Rexel deskside shredders are supplied with a 2 year warranty. You can view these shredders at ABT Shredders

ABT is an award-winning Key Partner of Acco UK. Why not give our help line a call on FREEPHONE 0800 389 1304 and speak with a friendly customer adviser to help you choose the right Acco Rexel Shredder for your business.