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Acco Rexel Crosscut Shredder.

Visit ABT to view our Acco Rexel Crosscut Shredders. All Acco Rexel Shredders come with a 2 year warranty!

If you're looking for a safe and secure way in which to dispose of confidential documents then a cross-cut paper shredder is the answer. Cross-cut or confetti-cut shredders use two contra-rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram, or diamond-shaped shreds. Shredding sensitive information with a cross cut shredder makes it very difficult for any fraudsters and bin raiders, (who are looking for discarded information so that they might steal your identity), to put documents back together again.
Cross-cut paper shredders are overall more expensive than strip-cut paper shredders. They also require more maintenance and also shred paper at a slower speed as they have to make twice as many cuts than a strip-cut paper shredder.

Cross cut shredders from Acco Rexel start off as low as £85. We recommend the stylish entry level Acco Rexel V35 Shredder, ideal for small offices or personal home use. The V35 will shred up to 5 sheets of sensitive paper documents per pass. This affordable security level 3 shredder reduces paper into tiny confetti like pieces. (4x45mm)

If you need a more powerful cross cut shredder then try the Acco Rexel P185 Shredder. This larger machine is able to shred almost double the amount of confidential documents per pass, and its larger storage bin is capable of holding up to 270 sheets of shredded paper - twice that of the V30. It is equipped with a more powerful 90 watt motor.

If security is an issue then we recommend either level 4 or level 5 crosscut shredders. The Acco Rexel 250 series is designed for the small office environment - ideally between 3 to 4 users. Both the 250 S4 and S5 paper shredder have a 7-11 sheet capacity, and come with auto stop start, thermal overload protection and a safety cut out feature.

Acco Rexel 250 S4 Crosscut Shredder or the Acco Rexel 250 S5 Crosscut Shredder

Understanding Security Levels (DIN)

Security Level 3

You would need a level 3 shredder to destroy sensitive documents like sales data, salary information, personal and personnel documents. Cuts paper into 3.9 x 30 - 50 mm particles.


Security Level 4

Cut sensitive documents into 1.9 x 15 mm particles.
Ideal for things like strategic proposals and personnel files.



Security Level 5

Top secret shredding ideal for military and government documents. Shreds paper into 0.78x 11 mm particles.