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Acco Brands

ABT is an award-winning key partner of ACCO UK

ACCO Brands Corporation is a new company, but its roots stretch back more than a century. ACCO's businesses got their start with the founding of Wilson Jones in 1893, the American Clip Company (ACCO) in 1903, and the Swingline Company in 1925.

Today the ACCO Brands Corporation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products, with annual revenues of nearly $2 billion. Acco products are supplied in over 100 countries across Europe and around the world.

In 1992 as a result of the integration of ACCO Europe Ltd and Rexel Ltd, ACCO UK Ltd, the UK’s largest manufacturer of office products, business machines and fine art materials was formed. Acco UK have a manufacturing plant at Peterborough (storage, computer and presentation furniture) and all distribution is centralized from their purpose built warehousing facility located at Halesowen in the West Midlands. From here goods are dispatched around the world with UK customers being served by their own fleet of vehicles.


Acco has a diverse portfolio of brands including Rexel which has established itself as the leading brand in Europe for a broad range of key, daily-use office and workspace products.

Following the merger with General Binding Corporation, Acco Brands now include GBC Ibico and Quartet products. GBC is the global leader in binding and laminating equipment and supplies, and a leader in serving the professional printing market through innovative print finishing solutions.

Other brands that come under the Acco name are: Swingline the leader in workspace productivity with a product offering that includes staplers, shredders, punches and trimmers.Kensington’s computer products , Wilson Jones (inventor of the 3-ring binder), Quartet (leader in presentation white boards and accessories in North America), and Day-Timer (leader in personal organizers).

The biggest market share for office shredders belongs to Acco Rexel.

ABT is an authorized dealer for the Acco Brand of shredders and other office machines. ABT has won awards with Acco every year since we started doing business with them.

After ABT's very first year of supplying Acco Brands, we received an award for the biggest single order placed with Acco UK in 2004. We have since received a further award, in May 2006, for having recorded the largest percentage growth of sales of Acco products of any dealer in the UK for 2005.